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About us

POSEFY is an innovative experience that is revolutionizing how people learn and teach postures online.

Through our groundbreaking 3D visualization technology you will be able to create accurate postures from your browser, share your creations on popular social networks and comment on postures created by other Users.

Whether you want to help others with a great physical therapy exercise that helps alleviate neck pain, demonstrate the correct way to shoot a basket or show off your latest dance moves, POSEFY allows you to do it in seconds with no need for expensive video equipment. Users will focus on your postures and not on your audiovisual production skills.

We invite you to try out our immersive (and addictive) environment, and hope that you have loads of fun interacting with other members of our Community.

POSEFY is currently in an early Beta stage, and there are still many things to improve. We would very much appreciate it if you could consider leaving us some feedback. We promise to listen and do everything in our hands to improve your experience.

Welcome to POSEFY. Have fun.

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